Gamer Challenge for the week of April 23rd

This weeks challenge was to play a game with eight or more people.  Going into this challenge I was cocky, because I don’t ever have trouble getting eight people together for a game.  My average game night has 14+ people, so eight is no sweat.  How could this challenge possibly be difficult?!  The short answer would be:  Parties and plague don’t mix.

Since last Sunday night, my small family has had the plague.  Ok, not the plague, but certainly a plague.  The doctor’s note officially called it “Acute Pharyngitis”, but that’s too much of a mouthful.  Basically, we had really bad sore throats, coughs, fatigue, body aches, and general fuzzi-headed-ness.  Aka, plague.  It also seemed to be a highly contagious as not only did I have it, but my husband, and my friend and editor, Shawna, had it too.  Popping in on Facebook earlier this week, it seemed many others in our social groups had it as well.

So long story short, no one wants to get together and game with you when you are sick.  I certainly can’t blame them.  But that means that I have failed my challenge this week.  *sigh*  Did you manage to avoid the plague?  We certainly hope you did!

Next  weeks challenge is pretty simple:  Play your favorite game.  We have over 1000 to choose from in my house, so I’m going to have to mull over this one…


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  1. My doctor actually called today. A test she ran came back today. I actually have strep throat. Hurray! This author starts on antibiotics in the morning.

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