Gamer Challenge for the week of April 2nd

When my husband was little, him and his father would play chess.  His father, being older, wiser, and more skilled at chess would allow his son to switch sides at any point.  This provided a little more challenge for his father, and a fairer chance for my husband as well.  Whenever it would start to look really bleak, as if check mate couldn’t be far off, he would call for a switch in sides, leaving his old man to try to weave out of the trap he set himself.

When Tristan and I first started gaming together, chess was one of the first games we played.  It had been many years since I played, but I remembered the basic rules.  However, just like any skill, if you do not use it, you lose it.  Thus my first few games were awful.  He slaughtered me.  So we played a couple games in the same way that him and his father did, with me being allowed to call for a side change when I wanted.

This idea of switching sides thus holds a bit of nostalgia for both of us.  For me, it hearkens back to the early days of our relationship, and for him to happy memories of his childhood.  So when I saw that the gamer challenge for this week was to play a game and switch sides half way through, I couldn’t help but smile.

I rolled around the idea of revisiting our old chess games this week, but timing didn’t play out well.  Not to mention, that wouldn’t be much of a challenge given we had done it before.  So we decided to switch it up a bit during our weekly game night.

Word on the Street is a team word game published by Out of The Box publishing.

"Word on the Street" is a team word game published by Out of The Box publishing.

One of the members of our game group loves the game “Word on the Street” and asked us to bring it out to play.  It’s a fast paced team word game.  We had an uneven number of teams, 7 players total, so a creative solution was devised.  In order to play the game, and complete my challenge, I would jump from one team to the other halfway through the game.

Switching teams halfway through brings about a difficult moral dilemma.  You know you are not going to end the game with the first team you are on, so how much do you help them along?  If you help them to get a big lead, it’s just going to bite you in the end when you have to try to play catch up.  Now before my game group reads this and calls “Foul!”, let me say that I pushed past that dilemma and gave my all to both teams.  Even though the thought that I was just shooting myself in the foot was prominent in my mind.

In the end, the team I ended on was the one who actually won.  That could have had something to do with the fact that we had two bloggers and a librarian on that team at the end, somehow big words just seemed to flow freely from the winning team’s tongues.  Regardless plenty of smack talk and cheering occurred in concert with groans and sounds of defeat.

This weeks challenge was silly and fun, and I hope you had a good time switching sides.  Next weeks challenge is short and sweet… well, short any way:  Play the game you own with the shortest name.  We already know what game this will be for us, we are breaking out our copy of Go.

Until then, Happy Gaming!

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