Gamer Challenge for the week of April 9th

Where did the week go!  This weeks challenge was to play the game I own with the shortest name.  For me, this was simply “Go”, an ancient Chinese game on par with Chess.

This is a game I have owned for a long time.  The set I have was acquired while I worked for “Games By James”, a small board game retailer, back in 2005.  It was one of those games on the shelf that intrigued me, and every day for a few weeks I would ponder upon it while I was cleaning shelves and stocking product.  The idea of a game that was as strategic as chess but with such simple pieces aroused my curiousness.

We were allowed to have one copy of a product open, so that we could show it to customers who asked, as well as so we could increase our product knowledge and thus be able to recommend games better.  My boss (and consequently the store owner), Pat, was pretty cool like that.  So one day, when I found several dull moments strung together, I decided to open up a demo copy of “Go” so I could really see what it was all about.

“Go” is a game about capturing territory.    On your turn you play down one piece of your color on the intersection of the lines on the board.  By playing down pieces you are trying to completely block off territory.  However, you can also capture enemy pieces by completely surrounding them.  The winner is the player who secures the most territory on the board, while simultaneously keeping his pieces from being captured.

While this game has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years, this is a game that has largely alluded gamers in western culture.  I often find myself teaching the game to people each time I play, so finding a worthy opponent is something of a challenge unless I play online.  Given some of the details surrounding my week, that is exactly what I did.  However, while my opponent was worthy of me, I’m not so sure that I was worthy of them.  They trounced me handily.

Next weeks challenge seems like an interesting one; Play an old game with a new strategy.  I’ve got more than a few games to choose from, how about you?  Any ideas on what strategy you could use?
Until next week, happy gaming!

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