Gamer Challenge for the week of January 2nd

Gamer Challenge for the week of January 2nd is…. *Drum Roll!*:  Play a game in bed.

Our gamer challenge comes from the Gamer Calendar.  This calendar features pictures from

Our gamer challenge comes from the Gamer Calendar. This calendar features pictures from You can find out more information on the calendar by visiting:

Ok, if you are like us and some of our friends, your mind just drifted to more adult games.  Games with suggestive dice and cards declaring what you should do next, but this is not that kind of blog, so pull your thoughts out of the gutter and into sunnier spaces.

Why would you game in bed?  I have gamed in bed a time or two, primarily when my fellow gamer has been ill.  It’s a good way to pass the time when getting out of bed is a chore.  I’ve also found playing games in bed to be a nice romantic way to spend an afternoon with your love.

So when we set out to complete this challenge, we started thinking about games that we would normally try to play in bed.   We originally started discussing travel games.  Travel Scrabble, Travel Cathedral, etc, but that seemed to be cheating the experience to me.  So games with a hard solid board seemed to be the ticket instead.  This left us almost exclusively in the realm of abstract logic games.  We discussed several options, but ultimately decided on pulling out the game Ringgz.

Ringgz is an abstract strategy game for 2 to 4 people.  The goal of the game is to capture territory by surrounding each space with rings of your color.  If you have the majority of your color on a territory, it’s yours.  It’s a pretty simple game, in concept, but has a lot of strategy to it, and for some reason I have a hard time wrapping my head around this particular one.  Needless to say, I lost.  However, it played on the bed pretty well.  Getting up and down and moving about didn’t really jostle the board all that much.

Tristan, Shawna, and I all curled up on the bed playing Ringgz.  It worked pretty well.  Shawna kicked butt.

Tristan, Shawna, and I all curled up on the bed playing Ringgz. It worked pretty well. Shawna kicked butt.

Given that our first attempt went so well, it seemed only appropriate to up the ante.  What can you manage to play in bed?  We tried for something much harder, 7 wonders.  7 wonders is a card game where you build up your city in an attempt to get points.  It has lots of cards, lots of chips, and we thought it would be nearly impossible to accomplish on a bed.

We were wrong.  We played the game with only a minimal amount of problem.  Sure, when people moved around the cards and pieces jostled a bit, but it wasn’t devastating.  We managed to get through the game just fine, and again Shawna won.  (Which is good, she had been on a losing streak.  So it was nice to see her get out of her gaming rut.)


A game of 7 Wonders in progress, on a bed.  Messy, no?

A game of 7 Wonders in progress, on a bed. Messy, no?

Ok, so Ringgz was a piece of cake.  7 Wonders, really didn’t give us much of a problem.  What could we possibly attempt that couldn’t be done on a bed?  We talked and pondered, and then it struck us:  Jenga!  Jenga requires a sturdy, flat, unmoving surface.  A bed is none of those things!  So we pulled it out and gave it a go.

Our Jenga tower.

Our Jenga tower.

Our tower lasted for two whole moves.

Our tower lasted for two whole moves.

It was off to the library to pull out Jenga and set it up.  The first attempt only lasted about 15 seconds.  I got the tower to stand, and pulled out my camera.  Before I could even get the picture snapped the tower teetered and fell.  But I would not be deterred!  I set the tower up again and grabbed my players.

Now granted, we weren’t actually able to sit or lie down on the bed during our Jenga game.  To do so would have immediately made the tower fall.  So that was a no-go.  We didn’t have to stand for very long though.  We only got through two turns before the tower gave way.  It was just too unstable.

Even though this weeks challenge was pretty silly, we had fun with it.  It was interesting to see just how many different games you can play in a bed.  You really are not as limited as you think you might be.  However, we did find that gaming in bed isn’t really good for people over the age of… oh… let’s say 12.  We were stiff from sitting and lying in positions with our necks at odd angles.  Apparently gaming in bed would be a big business boom for chiropractors.

Next week our challenge is to play a card game.  This really shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish, so we’ll have to see what we can do to spice it up a little.  If you are playing along, we would love to hear about your experience with gaming in bed, and we look forward to sharing our card game experiences!

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  1. Sverre says:

    I’ve found that the iPad versions of Carcassonne and Puerto Rico make for great two player gaming opportunities in bed.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I’m an Android girl myself, so I’m more familiar with the Androminion (Dominion for android). I’ve heard rumor that you can get a Settlers of Catan app now as well.

    Obviously for this article we took “Gaming in Bed” extremely literally, but I can certainly agree that tablet gaming would be an awesome way to go.

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