Gamer Music – Embracing Geeky Culture Through Song

Gaming has become more than just cardboard and plastic chits around a dining room table.  Gaming is now a rich culture of  its own which includes television appearances, slews of merchandise, and even music.  For those who are new to the culture, it can be quite surprising the first time you hear someone singing about rolling dice or putting on their wizard hat. But for long standing members of the gaming community, embracing this gamer geek music is simply a great way to let our nerd flag fly proudly.

As geek culture emerged as more and more of a cultural phenomenon, the influences began to seep into the music.  This is a song from a few years ago (2009) that was released by the cast of “The Guild”, a web-isode about online gaming such as World of Warcraft.  This song discusses, in a humorous and catchy way, the idea that online avatars (digital representations of a person) are often more attractive than their flesh and blood counterpart.

In October of 2010 a new song emerged on YouTube: Roll the Dice by The Sinister Six. This song not only held strong board game and role playing themes, but also threw down the gauntlet, declaring that board game players were superior gamers to those who relied on consoles and computers to “get their game on”.

By 2011 the emergence of table top themed music was no longer in its infancy. This song was released on YouTube in May of 2011 and features the cast of the movie “Gamers: Dorkness Rising”. This song explores some generic “Dungeons and Dragons” gaming themes, as well as lively fun pokes at gamer habits.

Popular music was also not safe from the gamer geek invasion. The popular song “Like a G6” by the Far East Movement was quickly adopted and twisted into a parody of itself and was reborn as “Roll a D6”.

Another song released in August of 2011 is a little bit more personal. Rather than being a song about table top gaming in general, this song is immortalizes a single evening of gaming by regaling us with a hillarious tale of repeatedly killing a player.

And now we are seeing a new evolution in geeky gamer music: LARPing. LARP is a acronym for “Live Action Role Playing” and is generally treated like the red headed step child of the gaming community. This song however, embraces the hobby proudly.

These are only a handful of the gamer songs available. There are dozens, if not hundreds of others that we could have chosen from. Is there a particular song that we missed that you would like to share with the rest of the gamer world? Please post it in our comments, so that the gamer geek music can keep flowing!

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