Gaming Groups: One of lifes little joys

I must say, I am a proud member of “Bread Smellers of Indy”, a small gaming group based in the Indianapolis area.  We meet at least once a week, sometimes more, to game and socialize.  Our silly name has a silly story behind it.  We enjoy a good meal together often.  We enjoy even better drinks together from time to time.  It’s my gaming group, and one of the many joys in my life.

Sadly enough, not everyone has a gaming group to call their own.  Which in my opinion is a travesty.  But how does an eager gamer find their own little slice of gaming group joy?

1.)  Well, if you are industrious, you can start your own.

My group started roughly five years ago, with just a couple of us meeting each week to game and have dinner together.  Nothing big, just a couple good friends enjoying each others company.  I always hosted it at my house, because I had space to do so in, unlike some others.

The group slowly grew, and then shrank, and then grew again.  The key was, anyone I met that I clicked with, I passed them an invite to join us for gaming.  I made sure that my friends knew they were welcome to bring friends.  This has led to a robust group of a little over 20 members, with the average meeting being approximately 10-15 people.  Sometimes old members leave for this reason or that, and new members filter in.

2.)  Yahoo groups

Yahoo groups are a great way to meet people with any kind of interest, gaming included.  These are open public groups that meet on a number of different topics, just sign up and join where appropriate!

One of our current gaming group members, just moved to our area from St. Louis.  Her previous gaming group was one that was found on yahoo groups.

If this option sounds appealing, check out this link: Yahoo Groups

3.) Check the bulletin board at your local board game store.

Our local shop has a bulletin board that displays postings by different groups looking for more players, or for individuals looking to join groups.  This can be a great place to find gamers who have similar gaming interests.   However, many of these are set in peoples private homes, so for safety sake, buyer beware.

I hope this encourages you to find a great gaming group, if you don’t have one already.  If you do have one, I hope you cherish your time with them as much as I do with mine.

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  1. parkrrrr says:

    BoardGameGeek can also be a decent place to find a group, if one exists in your area. Check out the regional guilds, and if you don’t find something near you head over to the regional forum and see if someone near you has posted there. If neither of those works, post something in the regional forum yourself – you may even find an existing guild that isn’t in the regional guild listings (as BoardGamers of Michiana isn’t, for example.)

    I love my gaming groups, each and every one of them. And I love the opportunities they give me to play games I otherwise wouldn’t be able to play, or to play the games I own that none of my more traditional friends want to play.

  2. Thats an excellent suggestion. I had never used the BoardGameGeek guild functionality, so it’s great to know its there. Here is a link to this for other readers:

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