Gen Con Day 1

So today was day one of Gen Con for the Game Paradise crowd. While my business partners were able to go downtown early in the day, I was stuck in my cube for my nine to five job.  Longest day ever!  But eventually five o’clock came and downtown we went!

Gen Con doesn’t officially start till Thursday, but Tuesday is when many of the gamers start filtering in.  It’s customary to do gaming down at the brewhouses downtown, the Ram and Scotty’s, and this year was no exception.

Our loyalties lie with Indy Dave, and when he moved over to Scotty’s brewhouse from the Ram, we moved too.  However, many gamers still attend gaming at the Ram.  Scotty’s though, in my humble opinion, is superior.   They run geeky movies, have storm troopers, a full gamer menu, and open gaming tables.  It’s really a nice setup.

This evening, my biggest complaint however was the heat.   Even just sitting eating and gaming we were sweating.   This, unfortunantly, cut our gaming short.  However we still had a good time.

This evening they were showing “Eight Legged Freaks” on the screens around the pub, which is a gross spider flick that is so absurd as to be quite funny.  While this showed we played several rounds of “Telestrations”, which was well loved by all who played.  Prior to that we played a couple of games of “ZOmbie Dice” while we ate “Magic Missiles” (fried dill pickles) and drank their awesome Woodchuck hard apple cider (on tap!).

Tomorrow should be another fun filled day.  We have more gaming planned, of course.  But we also have “The Stink”, the Gen Con meet and greet party. We also intend to pick up our badges (Hurray for VIG!) from will call, as soon as they open and we are able.

Goodnight for now gamers!  We hope to see you all tomorrow!

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