Go Hunt – A dirty adult game that was not what I was expecting.

Today’s blog is rated ‘M’ for Mature.
It is full of suggestive themes that parents may find offensive.

The folks from “Go Hunt” contacted me a little while ago, saying they would be interested in having their game reviewed.  I didn’t really think much of it, assuming that this was just another “Go Fish” variant.  I agreed to review it, but I wasn’t sure that they would get the review they were hoping for.  I mean, what good can you really say about “Go Fish”?  Especially a hunting variant of “Go Fish”.

When the game arrived I sat it aside.  I didn’t even bother opening it right away.  I had other fish to fry, and “Go Fish” just wasn’t among my priorities.  The next day, one of my partners in crime, Shawna, sat down to place some of the new incoming games into the inventory.  She opened this game and started flipping through the cards.  She started laughing hysterically and a snort or two escaped as well.  “Oh my Gods!  You have to come over here and see this!”.   I was utterly confused, this was just “Go Fish”, right?

The first image I was greeted with was this:

Quickly followed by this:

And this:

The cards just went on and on in this manner:  “Excited Monkey”, “Red Pecker”, “Fat Wiener”, “Big Cock”, “Little Cock”, “Nice Rack”, etc, etc.  We were both in tears by the time we got to the end of the deck.  We immediately called Tristan, my other partner in crime, to come over and see this.  This deck of cards was soooo wrong, but soooo right.  A friend of ours was hosting a Passion Party later that evening, which we had agreed to go to, and it was instantly decided that we had to take this along.

A passion party is much like a tupperware party, but for more… adult… things.  After the rep was done showing us all the goodies, which we all had fun playing with, we told people to gather around the table for a quick card game before we broke up.   We explained that it had just come in, and they simply had to see it.  We dealt out the cards, as straight faced as we could, and just sat back and watched their faces.  It was priceless.  You could just watch their face sink into the gutter, as smirks and laughing and gasps circled the table.

Ultimately this game is nothing more than “Go Fish”, but with very naughty cards.  But there is nothing quite like asking one of your guy friends “Do you have a red pecker?”, or telling one of my gal pals that “I need your big cock”.   We even got the representative from Passion Parties to play a couple of hands with us, and she loved it and was asking where she could buy a copy.

Two small bits of criticism though.  Firstly, the game doesn’t come in a box.  The cards were simply in cellophane when they arrived.  So now we are carrying our cards around in a baggy.  A box would be much much nicer.

Secondly, the replay ability is limited, at least with the same group.  We played approximately 5 hands before we decided we were done for the night.  The gag had worn off by then.  However, with a brand new group, I can see the fun returning.  We also weren’t playing with either of the drinking variants that are included.  If alcohol was involved, the gag might have stretched on for a little longer.

I’m just going to leave you with a visual today.  That is really the heart and soul of the game.  That and, just ponder on asking your best guy pal “Do you have a fat wiener?”

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  1. Ed says:

    Unfortunately for your review I’ve never even heard of “Go Fish”. I’m assuming that’s a game you have in the US which either never made it over here or is known by a different game.

    The idea for the cards sounds interesting, but I’m off to find out what “Go fish” is. Thanks.

  2. Ed,

    I’m sorry. It never occurred to me that I might have international readers who didn’t know what “Go Fish” is.

    Go Fish is a children’s game that uses a regular deck of cards. Each person is given a hand of cards (5-7 is typical), on your turn you ask one person at the table if they have the card number you are looking for. You must already have one of them in your hand. So for example: If you have a five of clubs in your hand you might ask “Bob, do you have any fives?”. If so Bob must give you all of his fives. If not, Bob says “Go Fish” and you draw one card off the top of the draw pile. Once you have a set of fives, you play them down in front of you. The person with the most sets, once someone is out of cards, is the winner.

    I hope that helps make a little more sense of this game.

  3. Johnny says:

    To all readers of this review, it was brought to my attention there is no link for the Go Hunt card game. With the permission of the fine people at Game Paradise (Victoria) I would like to post the Go Hunt website.


    Thank you and happy gaming

  4. I don’t mind one bit, Johnny. 🙂 Relevant links are always welcome.

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