Halloween Party Games

It’s customary that every year we throw a party the weekend prior to Halloween, and this year was our fifth year running.  We all dress in costume, the house is done up in crazy decorations, and the libations are flowing.  However, every once in a while we find that our party guests need something to help them get to know each other and generally loosen up, and that’s when we turn to our good old standby: gaming.

Are You A Werewolf?

Are you a werewolf is a nice party game because it can accommodate sooooo many people.  A ten person game of werewolf is a small game.  For this reason it makes an awesome party game, because everyone can get involved!

In this game everyone is handed a secret identity.  They are either a villager, a werewolf, or a seer.  The goal of the game is for the villagers to figure out who is the werewolf and lynch them before they eat all of the townspeople.

People use a lot of different methods to come up with hypothesis’ for who the werewolf is, and not all of them are very logical.  But that’s ok.  It gets everyone talking, and laughing, and generally having a good time.

On a side note “Are You a Werewolf?” is published by Looney Labs, however, there is another game that is almost exactly the same called “Lupus in Tabula” which is published by Mayfair Games.

The Winking Murderer

The winking murderer is more of a classic “party game” that your host must prep prior to the party (and because of this, we don’t do this one as often).

The idea is that you must discover who the murderer at your party is before all of the guests wind up dead.  To play this one come up with lots really creative deaths, like “eaten alive by raptors” and “electrocuted while doing home repairs”.   Write these on cards and put them into envelopes with a brief explanation of the game.  When your guests arrive, each one will receive an envelope.   One of the envelopes isn’t going to contain a death, however, instead it’s going to read:  YOU ARE THE WINKING MURDERER!

The winking murderer’s job is to wink at people at your party, very discreetly.  When they wink at someone that person must move away from the murderer and then act out the death that was illustrated on their card.  They are now out of the game, and the mystery continues!

When someone believes that they know who the murderer is, they must announce that they wish to “make an accusation”.  This is a very serious event, because if they are wrong, they must immediately perform their death.  If they are right, they win!

These are just a couple of silly Halloween party ideas.  We have had great fun with both of these, and I hope you can incorporate them into your own party.  Enjoy!

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