Impotent Nerd Rage Give Away!

Our favorite geek comedian is going to be in Indianapolis, Indiana, this Thursday night at the White Rabbit Cabaret!  And he has graciously offered us FIVE free downloads of his newest album “Impotent Nerd Rage” to give away to our readers.  How cool is that?

Entering to win is easy and fun, you just have to listen to some awesome geeky fun music, and then email us.  Simple as pie.

1.) Listen to Mikey’s song “My Next Girlfriend”, off of his “Impotent Nerd Rage” album.  To help you out, here is the link:  My Next Girlfriend.

2.) Email us or Facebook Message us and tell us two things that Mikey says will make his next geeky girlfriend better.

3.) Share this post with your friends and consider joining us on Thursday, March 29th, 2012 at 9:00pm, at the White Rabbit Cabaret for Mikey Mason’s awesome geek, comedy, rock set.

Winners will be drawn on Friday, March 30th, 2012!

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  1. Steve Tuck says:

    “She’ll collect Star Wars and like geeks more than jocks and her .. ” well, you only asked for two.

  2. Last night was awesome! If you made it down to the White Rabbit Cabaret, then you got a special treat last night: Mikey Mason’s Nerd Comedy!

    We hope you all had a blast, and now it is time for us to select our drawing winners! Remember each winner will be receiving a free copy of Mikey Mason’s “Impotent Nerd Rage” album.

    The winners are… *drumroll*

    1.) Michael Budd
    2.) Steve Tuck
    3.) Raymond Chandler
    4.) Mike Maxson
    5.) Stacia Snyder

    Congratulations to our winners!

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