Is Football a “Gamer’s Sport”?


I’ve noticed an interesting correlation recently between football and gamers.  It’s safe to say that the majority of gamers I have met are not sports fanatics.  Most could care less who has made it to the World Series, or if the Lakers are playing this evening.  However, many enjoy, or are at least willing to watch, football.

The biggest most obvious difference between football and other sports seems to be the plays.  Just like a choosing the appropriate move in a board game, gamers can declare that they “made the wrong play”.  That if they would have passed instead of doing a run play, that their team would have succeeded.   Or that they should run down the clock more, or hustle it up, or even “go for it on fourth down”.  You can’t really do the same thing in other sports.  What is there to say about hockey?  “He really should have hit the puck in the net.”

There is also a measure of pure athleticism, and thus pure dumb luck, involved in football.  Even the best play can go awry.  Just imagine every time that there is a fumble, or a pass interception, that the player simply rolled a ‘1’ on their check.  Yes, each player has a measure of skill that modifies this number, but there is certainly an element of luck, similar to an athleticism dice check, that has an affect.

When you think about the sport of football this way, it becomes easier to see why it might appeal to some gamers more then other sports.  The game becomes a chess match between coaches with an athletic check element to help balance it all out.  This makes for a spectacle that is more “game” and less about simple muscles.

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