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Kill the Hippies: a Blasphemous Good Time

Kill the Hippies

Last night we found ourselves playing a game we hadn’t in quite some time, Kill the Hippies.  KtH, is a non-collectible card game where players take on the role of Christian fundamentalists who’s goal in life is to kill or convert as many hippies as possible.  However, the game is designed as more of a party game, with lots of laughter being the end goal.

It’s a game that we had picked up during Gen Con 2007.  It was an impulse purchase.  Honestly, I just really liked the title.  It was being sold by a catholic priest, who looked rather out of place amidst the other convention goers, and through some conversation I discovered was also the creator of the game.  When asked why he would create such a thing, he said he just wanted to be blasphemous.

And that is exactly what the game delivers on, a hilarious good evening of blasphemy.  Some cards implore players to recite well known biblical passages or take a penalty, while others offer bonuses if you are currently drinking a beer, or have performed certain sexually deviant acts, all the while poking fun at Christians and the American bible belt in general.

By now I think it goes without saying that this is one of those games that has to be played with just the right group of people.  It is an offensive adult card game, and the easily offended need not even open the box.  Actually, the easily offended shouldn’t even look at the box, because the cover art will probably offend as well.  But with the right group of people, much like we had just the other evening, it’s an amazingly good time full of tons of laughter.

The game however is certainly a “filler game”.  While it is very funny, thats all the game really has going for it.  The actual game play is very limited, with lots of luck coming into the equation.  Each player draws up to a hand of seven cards on thier turn and then plays two of them, one red relic card, and one blue deed card.  Any green event cards that were drawn are played immediately.  The deeds and relics cards inflict a certain number of conversion points or killing points, the person to play the final amount of points needed to kill or convert gets the hippie.  Pretty dry game play if you ask me.

KtH is, first and foremost, a funny conversation starting party activity and is only secondly a card game.  If judged by it’s game mechanics, KtH should go in the discount bin, however if judged on it’s ability to get a group of people laughing till their sides hurt, this game is clearly a winner.

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