Konexi – A Boggle and Jenga Hybrid

My business partner ran across this game in one of our local stores.  Her, nor I, had ever heard of it so when we got back home we looked it up and tried to get some more information about it.  All of the video clips that we saw of the game showed just quick flashes of the product on TV morning shows but never really talked about how it was played.  I was more than a little intrigued now, so we acquired a copy of the game so we could see for ourselves.

Konexi is a word game that is a cross between Jenga and Boggle.   Yep, you read that right:  Jenga.  If you make the tower of letters fall, you lose points and the round is over.  But it’s also very much like Boggle: letters do not have to be in the perfect order, so long as they touch.    It’s a neat concept, but how well does it actually work?

A look at the notches and tabs used to connect the letters.

A look at the notches and tabs used to connect the letters.

Each of the letters has several puzzle piece like notches added to it, or removed from it.  These notches allow the pieces to interlock.   We were surprised by just how stable the structure of letters we made became.  The Jenga aspect of the game became less about a steady hand and much more about being able to distribute the weight of the letters evenly over the structure.

Scoring the game is pretty simple.  When you add a letter that creates a word, you announce the word and receive one point for each letter in the word.  Easy-peasy. But what if you can’t spell a word on your turn?  That’s ok, you still add a letter to the tower, you just don’t earn points for the turn.

The last bit of rules for this game dictates what letter you can add to the tower each turn.  When you first set the game up, lay out all the letters in a big circle.  You place the place marker token between any two letters and then you are off.   Each turn a player rolls a specialty die that tells them how far to move the place marker around the circle.  They can move clockwise or counter-clockwise, completely their choice.  They can then choose to add the letter on either side of the place marker, so each turn you have to choose between four different possible letters.

A game of konexi in progress.

So now we are really to the ultimate question:  Is the game any fun?  This game is not a “laugh out loud”/ “everyone will enjoy this one” sort of title.  However, the word game lovers in my group enjoyed it.  It’s a very different kind of challenge, which is always welcome in a category of gaming as stuffy as “word games”.  Because of the uniqueness of the combined categories (word games and skill games) this game is not a bad one to add to your repertoire.

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