Mmmm…. Brains!: A zombie put and take variation


Monday night was our typical evening of gaming with friends.  A close friend of ours, from St. Louis, was in town and was kind enough to bring with her a big box full of games.  Amongst many of the old favorites, was a new game:  “Mmmm… Brains”.

She explained to us that she picked it up at a convention for only $3 (regularly retailing for $10 apparently), and decided that it was worth the small investment, if for no other reason then the querky pieces.  “Mmmm… Brains” comes with small plastic pink and white brains that are used as chips or money.  The pink brains count as 5 each, and the white brains count as only 1 each.


The game play was very simple.  There are two phases to the game: a “take” phase and a “put” phase.  The zombie (player) with the most brains left at the end of the put phase is the winner.

The number to put or take is decided by a roll of five six-sided dice, with opportunities to reroll dice, just like in yahtzee.  My biggest complaint here is that the yellow numbers are hard to read and the black and the blue numbers are much much much too close in color.  We ended up breaking out a sharpie marker and putting a dot on the black numbered sides, because we got really fed up with trying to guess the color.

The color of the numbers are crucial in this game.  Players “take” only the number of brains represented by rolls of the same color (e.g. if you rolled a yellow – 5 and a yellow -6, a green- 2, a blue 5, and a black 3, the only number that matters is 11, the number of the two yellows combined. This number of brains would be taken from the center ante.  During the dreaded “put” phase, if the roll had landed as it was described above, the yellow player would be required to pay their brains into the center ante.

While this certainly wasn’t a game filled with lots of heavy strategy, it was amusing and a pretty good filler game.  We played two rounds of it while we waited for some other folks to finish playing another game so we could regroup.  We spent much of those two games repeating bad zombie jokes (“What did the vegetarian zombie say?”  “Grrraaaaiiiinnns!”) and giggling over each others misfortune.  While it’s not a game I would whip out everyday, it’s certainly one I don’t dread playing again.

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