Moving Day: A Gamer’s Priorities.

It’s hard to visualize exactly what 750 board games look like. How much room do they take up?  How many large “Dell” boxes will they fit in?  How much shelving space do you need to hold them all?  These are all questions we have dealt with when moving our library.

The owners of Game Paradise, my husband and I, are in the process of moving.  And given that we don’t have a storefront yet, all of our games just made the move with us.

The priorities made when moving are always odd.  A close friend of ours said that the first thing they moved was their bar.  In past years, I’ve always moved the kitchen first, so you can be comfortable at the new place.  This time the games moved first.

In our new home, the master bedroom just became our library.  Why?  Because it was the largest room we had.  Yes, the games require that much space.

My husband spent most of the first day setting up shelving.  We have gondolas that are intended for our store when it opens, but were perfect for storing the games on in the meantime.  If you aren’t familiar with “gondolas” think of the store shelving that you see at wal-mart or target.  Those are gondolas.

We have 26 feet of shelving, each with 3-5 shelves on them.  I’m a bad judge of space, so I didn’t think there would be any issues fitting the games on this space.  As we started unboxing the games we found a very different story.  It’s a rather squeaky fit.  As the collection continues to grow, we may very well need more space still.

So, not much is at our new house yet… except for the library.  The kitchen, and bed, still live at the old house, but the games have moved.  You must have your priorities, right?

Average folks have a board game shelf.  Gamers may have a board game closet.  Here at Game Paradise, we have a board game room, and it’s the largest room in the house, and we’re pretty darn proud of that.

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