Online Store Launch!

Geek Essentials

Many of you who follow us on Facebook know that there was a big announcement coming sometime soon, and here it is:  We’re launching our online store!  This is a prelude to our brick and mortar location opening, don’t think we’ve lost our focus!  We hope that this online store will drum up even more excitement (and hopefully some more helpful starting capital) to make our location a reality.

So what can you find in our online store?  Lots and lots of gaming paraphernalia.  Rather than just being one more place online to buy board games we have decided to bring you really cool hard to find gamer gear.  In our initial launch we have goods from Geeky Clean Soaps, Trudy’s Treasures, Lady Flame’s jewelry, Dicey Decor, Digital Soaps, and PinkFlowerCube.   We’ll be adding more products to the store as time goes on, so keep an eye out!

We hope you have fun with this new feature of our website, we know we are very excited about it.

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