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Origins 2011

We just rolled back in from Origins last night, and we had a blast!  We met a lot of really cool people and sold a lot of really cool merchandise. Cooler yet?  We picked up a whole mess of new games to review while we were there!  In the next couple of months you will get to look forward to dozens of new reviews on lots of new games from AEG’s Thunderstone expansions to Face Eater, and everything in between.

In case you didn’t make it out to Origins let me give you the highlights on what we saw:

Firstly, there were lots and lots of vendors there.  Mayfair was one of this years main sponsors and thus took the center of the dealer hall room.  It was probably close to a fifth of the size of Gen Con’s dealer hall, but even that is pretty massive.  The hall was full of old favorites such as Gut Bustin’ Games, Wattsalpoag, and Looney Labs, but also lots of new faces were there:  such as us!   This was our first year at Origins, both vending and attending, and we had no idea what to expect. The stained glass d20 lamps proved popular, as we sold out. We had a set of miniature corn-hole boards set up on the middle of our table, and quite a lot of people couldn’t resist the urge to toss a few bean bags.

But all work and no play make Game Paradise go… something…. something…

Our evenings were occupied in the “Board Room”.  A large room for open and scheduled gaming, equally as big as the main hall, with plenty of tables and chairs for everyone. It was our preferred hang out spot.  In addition to the games we bought or were given, we also played a lot of our new product mentioned above: table top cornhole.  There was a lot of “whooing” and taunting, and the girls team beat the guys team in the end by a narrow one point.

We also had some awesome food while we were gone.  Friday night we went out to dinner with friends and found the most amazing sushi restaurant just two blocks from the convention center:  Kooma.  If you make it out to Origins next year, I highly recommend making a reservation here.  We all agreed, it was some of the best sushi we had eaten during our entire life.  My hat is off to Kooma.

All and all we had a really great time out at Origins.  We met a lot of very nice people and look forward to doing it again next year.

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  1. Josh says:

    Yay Origins! Yay fun with friends and games!

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