Our 100th Blog Entry

I logged in today to the authors area of my blog.  I was just popping in to take a look at our traffic numbers, fix a link that had gone awry, and maybe even work on a blog or two that have been lying around, waiting to be finished.  And that’s when I noticed it, the “published” count had hit 99.

Wow, 99 blog posts.  99 times I have exclaimed my opinions, good and bad, to all the world.  It has taken me almost exactly two years to get here.  My first blog was published on July 26th, 2009, it was just an update about how things were going with our small business.  My first board game review, Kill the Hippies, was published the following day.

The game we chose for our first review.

The game we chose for our first review.

When I first started writing these, we thought it might draw a little bit of traffic to our site, and drum up some enthusiasm for our store we wish to open.  A year later, on August 2nd, 2010, we added our online shop, and the importance of the blog ramped up as we tried to lure customers from the four corners of the Internet to our little site.  Our hope was that they would purchase something after having read the reviews, thereby helping us earn the capital we needed to open our brick and mortar store.

Where we hoped are store would be by now.

Where we had hoped our store would be by now.

And now another year has passed, and our blog has hit a milestone.  This is the 100th blog entry.  We want to send a special thanks to all of our friends, families, and fans who have been supportive on this endeavor, and we look forward to celebrating the 200th posting with you in the future.  Hopefully by then that recap will include the launching of a successful store along with many other good tidings.

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