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Please game responsibly.

I was enjoying a delicious dinner of sushi with a loved one when they shared two odd accounts with me: cases of over competitive board gaming gone wrong.  The two stories were so shocking I couldn’t help but think she was pulling my leg, but apparently it was discussed on a local radio show.

The first account was of a couple, told by the DJ.  The pair had been playing Monopoly.  The woman owned both “Boardwalk” and “Park Place”, the two most expensive and sought after properties on the board.  The man was trying to convince her to sell them to him, however she kept firmly refusing.  His reaction to this?  He flipped the board over and beat her violently with it.  Eventually the cops were involved in this fiasco.  He was sent directly to Jail. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200.

The above listed tale of woe was then apparently followed by a caller with her own tragic story.  As if one board game tragedy wasn’t bad enough…

A married couple would play Scattergories on a regular basis together.  The DJ of this particular show hadn’t heard of the game and thus the female caller explained it to him:  Roll the letter die, fill in the category with words starting with that letter, then when you’re all finished hit the timer causing others to not be able to finish (wait… really?  I don’t remember this timer business like that.  Has anyone else played it like that?). Apparently the wife would always finish very quickly, hitting the timer and causing her husband to lose by huge margins.  This greatly irritated the man and a fight almost always ensued.  Long bitter angry fights, which led to the couple seeking a divorce.  After some time apart the couple ended up getting back together, and even remarrying.  Their first act as a newly rejoined couple?  They took the game out in the front yard and shot it, repeatedly.

I was sitting across the table from my dinner date completely dumbfounded.   I’m sure my jaw had to be hanging wide open at this point.  Do people really behave that badly over games?  The two anecdotes were amusing in their extremeness, thus being worthy of retelling, but this also seemed like a good time for us at Game Paradise to remind you to Please Game Responsibly.

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  1. Peppers says:

    Really?… I think there has to be something wrong with a person to act like that. Blaming the game seems pretty silly. If it happened with Scattergories it could happen with just about anything competitive.

  2. parkrrrr says:

    That’s not how the official rules would have one play Scattergories, no. Sounds like a house rule gone horribly wrong. Most of the fights Ive heard about over Scattergories are about things like someone trying to pass off “Very Big Cat” as an Animal beginning with V.

    If you want some hair-raising stories, go read some of the geeklists on BoardGameGeek on this subject. For ease of finding them, just look for geeklists that feature Diplomacy or Scruples; Scruples seems to be a really popular marriage ender.

  3. The_Null_Entry says:

    Oooo… both of those are good for starting a fight in a hurry. My husband is a competitive gamer and was a bit miffed when in a game of Diplomacy we all teamed up to take him out and then all decided we could live happily together in a world without him. ;-p

    Scruples is a game I have heard horror stories about. It really just seems like a bad idea from the get go. However, if your really wanting to cause strife in your family, Game Paradise owns two different versions of Scruples. Both the first and second editions.

    Oh, and this morning I was having a hard time finding a link to the Monopoly story on the net, however, a coworker had also heard of it and was kind enough to point me the way. Here’s the link:



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