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Race for the Galaxy: Resource management solitaire

I had heard mixed reviews for Race for the Galaxy. It was awfully high on the BGG list of games.  I believe it was in or near the top 10 when I purchased it.  Yet others had told me that it was not that fun due to limited player interactions.   I tried it this weekend and the question was put to rest.

Playing RftG was like playing a more complicated version of Solitaire.  The interaction between players was extremely limited, more then any other multi-player game I think I have ever seen.  I think I could have sat there and played it by myself with the same degree of satisfaction as I received playing it in a group.

RftG is a resource management game where you settle planets, produce and consume goods, and explore the galaxy.  This is a big task for a card game, but it does deliver.  At the beginning of each round, players choose a task to perform that round.  Each player performs the tasks chosen by all other players, much like choosing a job in Puerto Rico.   This is the only interaction among players! Once those tasks are picked, players decide how to resolve each of those tasks, but none of those resolutions effect anyone but themselves.

If I wanted to play by myself, I would.  I play board games to be social, and this game did not deliver on that.  It did have lots of interesting logical resource management decisions each round, which was its’ only saving grace, however, that alone is not enough to keep me coming back for more. While I won’t say “I will never play this game again”, it certainly goes into the category of “I am not likely to play this game again for a very long time”.

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