Star Fleet Battles Recap

From the guest pen of Tony Harding, GM for Star Fleet Battles.

Star Fleet Battles Demos at Game Paradise, 2013-11-24

We played three scenarios during Sunday’s gaming:

Scenario I: Federation (Tony) vs. Klingons (Andrew)

Andrew and I played the classic introductory match-up using the Standard Game Rules. I played the Klingon D7 Battlecruiser, while Andrew played the Federation Heavy Cruiser (CA).

As the two ships approached each other, the Klingons unleashed some Disruptor fire, but all four missed their target. At the end of Turn 1, the Federation CA fired some Phasers, taking down some of the front shield reinforcement on the D7.

On Turn 2, the Klingons again fired Disruptors, this time scoring some shield hits. The Fed CA fired Photon Torpedoes and Phasers, reducing the front shield on the D7 to only a few boxes. The Klingon D7 closed and fired its Phasers, maneuvering around the target to eventually bring them all to bear. This reduced most of the shields on the CA, but did not score any internal hits. The D7 also began firing Drones to harass the Fed ship.

On Turn 3 the CA began recharging its Photons, while the Klingon ship continued to circle the CA firing weapons and Drones. Again, the hits scored shield damage, but did little else. The CA was able to penetrate the shields of the D7 and score internal hits. The D7 was finally able to take down a shield on the CA and score some minor internal hits.

On Turn 4, a second volley from the Fed ship crippled the D7. (In game terms, a ship is crippled when half of its internal systems have been destroyed.) After returning fire, the D7 turned to withdraw. During the next turn, the D7 began Disengagement by Acceleration. The crippled Klingon ship was able to escape.

Congratulations to Andrew, who did very well on his first Star Fleet Battles engagement! We hope to see him at future meetups!

Scenario II: ISC (James) vs. Hydrans (Gren)

James and Gren played a matchup, each using their favorite race. The ISC, who typically use Plasma Torpedoes and Plasmatic Pulsar Devices, was no match for the Hydrans with their Hellbores and Fusion Beams.  Congratulations to Gren and his Hydrans!

Scenario III: Federation (Gren) vs. Klingons (Josh Wright)

The game went well. Josh was able to maneuver himself behind the Federation ship twice to unleash damage. The rear arcs are vulnerable on Federation ships, whose design is consistent with a frontal assault. The Klingons emerged victorious.  Congratulations to Josh!

The venue, Game Paradise, was a nice one in which to play. The playing area is clean and well-lit, and the staff is friendly and helpful. We look forward to our next game at this location!

Want to join Tony and his group for the next Star Fleet Battle?
The next Star Fleet Battles game will be on December 22nd at 1pm at Game Paradise – 1110 E. Prospect Street, Indianapolis, IN.


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