Starfleet Battles Recap 7.13.2014

SH114­­ Old Enemies on the Rocks

This scenario pitted the Tholians vs. the Seltorians in an asteroid field. Gren and Tony played the

Tholians, while Nick and James played the Seltorians. Each side had one light cruiser and one


The two sides began at low speed, closing the distance between them. The first turn was nothing

but modest movement toward the enemy.

At the beginning of Turn 2, the Tholians slowed to speed 6 to navigate the asteroids, whereas the

Seltorians sped up to speed 6. The Tholians began deploying shuttles. Several impulses later, the

Seltorians did the same. The Tholians navigated through asteroid­filled hexes and turned toward

the Seltorians. The Seltorians aplha­striked the Tholian NCL (played by Gren). Their shield

crackers and particle canons tore down the shield of the light cruiser and caused some minor

internal damage. The Seltorian light cruiser took fire from the Tholians, suffering shield loss and

some very light internal damage. The Tholians laid webs using their web caster and web snares.

The Seltorians were forced to veer away to navigate around the web.

On Turn 3, the Tholians sped up to speed 16 and moved away from the asteroid hexes. The

Seltorians continued their slow movement to avoid asteroid damage. The Tholians used the turn

to gain some distance from the Seltorians particle canons and repair shields.

On Turn 4, the Tholians came back around and re­engaged the Seltorians. Again, the particle

canons tore into the Tholian NCL, ripping down another shield. The NCL threw another web with

its web caster. The Tholian DD used its web snare to block additional fire from the Seltorians. The

Seltorians in turn used their web breakers to destroy the web snare and gave pursuit.

On Turns 5 and 6, The Tholians maneuvered to present strong shields to the Seltorians and again

turned away. The Seltorians pounded the rear shields of the Tholian NCL, removing a third shield

from the ship and crippling it. The Seltorian DD hit a Transporter Bomb laid by the enemy DD,

causing moderate shield damage. Two of the Tholian shuttles maneuvered to fire through the

downed front shield on the Seltorian CL, taking out a phaser. Persistent light phaser fire from the

retreating Tholians took out all but one of the ship’s particle canons, and crippled it.

On Turn 7, the Tholians again slowed and began maneuvering back toward the enemy. The

Seltorians continued their slow pursuit of their enemy, keeping pace with their slow­moving flotilla

of shuttles.

At this point, time constraints forced a premature end of the scenario. The battle was a draw at

the time of our conclusion. The ships seemed evenly matched, and traded blows equally. Both of

the light cruisers were crippled, whereas the two destroyers had only suffered shield damage. The

scenario served as a reminder of the Tholian web rules, and gave us a chance to see the web

breakers, shield crackers, and particle canons in action.

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