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I love BHOPs.  I don’t know what it is about them, but they make me a little giddy.  What’s a BHOP you ask?  Well, here in the shop, it’s slang for Big Hunk Of Plastic.  In reality it’s any unique component, usually made of plastic, that is large and bulky.  A special pawn would not be a BHOP, but a large plastic dial with letter levers and a built in timer is.  So when I realized that Tapple was a BHOP, the big kid in me was more than a bit happy.

Tapple is a very fast paced word game created by USAopoly.  And when I say fast, I mean fast!  Each turn is merely 10 seconds, any longer than that, and you’re out for the round.  Rounds typically last about 2-3 minutes at a max, so once you are out, you won’t be out for long.

Game Information
PublisherBizak, danspil, Ideal, Jumbo, USAopoly
Year Published2012
# of Players2 - 10
Playing Time30
Mfg Suggested Ages8 and up
CategoryCard Game, Electronic, Party Game, Real-time, Word Game
MechanicPlayer Elimination
FamilyCategories, Pim Pam Pet
Alternate NamesLast Letter Standing, Last Letter Standing, Pim Pam Pet: Revanche, Pim Pam Pet: The Battle, Pulsa el primero: New Generation, Think! Words, Too Late... ¡Pulsa Rápido!

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A round consists of drawing a card and reading the category aloud.  Categories can be things like “Parts of an Automobile” or “Crayon Colors”.  Whatever the category may be, each player goes around calling out something that fits in that category and starts with a letter that still hasn’t been marked off.  After calling out the word, they press the lever corresponding to the starting letter, showing that it has been used, and then hits the center button, which starts the timer for the next person.  If you can’t think of something in time, a buzzer goes off, and you are out.  The round continues until only one person is left standing, and they get the category card as their trophy.  First player to three trophy cards is the winner.

I know that all sounds very dry, but in reality it was a great time.  The rounds are so fast paced, and you have so little time to come up with something, that it’s quite the adrenaline rush!  This mechanic reminds me a little bit of Catch Phrase, which I love.  We played several games through, without it ever feeling like we had played several games.

However. In my opinion, the game has two downfalls.  The first of which is possible limitations in replayability.  We played several games, without running into any problem, but if this was something that got pulled out for very many game nights in a row, you would quickly see all of the categories, and thus would already have lots of great ideas about what words to use.  The game comes with 36 cards, and each card has four possible options, so there are 144 different categories, which you could easily burn through in 15-20 games.

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Price ($19.99):   
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The second downfall is the beeping and the batteries.  The game requires two AA batteries.  Personally I always find this annoying, because either the batteries are dead, or there are none in it, or (and this is the worst) the batteries have been in there so long that they start to corrode, yuck!  And what do the batteries do for us?  They power the timer, which beeps the entire time.  I understand this creates the sense of urgency, but it also can become annoying to others.  Especially to someone just a couple tables away who isn’t playing your game.

But for these small downfalls, the game is fantastic, and the price is even better.  The game retails for $19.99, so you are really getting a lot of bang for your buck.  Especially given that it’s a BHOP.  I’ve seen games with standard pawns and dice cost that much, let alone something that custom.  And the BHOP seems to hold up pretty well.  I have some enthusiastic play testers, and yet I never once worried about the board breaking.

Overall, it’s a really fun word game that I would recommend to others.  We had a great time playing it, and I think you and your friends and family will as well.

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