Telestrations Party Pack – more players for more fun.

I know I brag on Telestrations a lot.  It’s hard not to when my friends request to play it nearly every single week, and when I do, people end up in tears from laughing so hard.  That kind of leaves a good impression, over and over and over again.

One of the problems I have is that when my group gets together, there are often more people who want to play than the original game will accommodate.  Telestrations supports eight players, but my group has been double that size before.  Our solution?  Play two separate games of it (we have two sets between my friends and I), and the really funny ones usually get shown to the other table.  This works.  It’s a good time.  But it just really isn’t the same as playing together.  USAopoly saw this problem and created a solution…

…The Telestration Party Pack!

The party pack now accommodates for a twelve person game.  This allows for a little more time for the pictures and guesses to go horribly wrong.  We ended up with transformations such as “mugger” to “right-wing ninja”, and “bright idea” to “Severus Snape”.

Other perks to the party pack?  New cards!  This set comes with the original set of cards, but also 50 new cards (600 new words).  And we loved the new cards.  These seem to be a little bit harder and more abstract concepts.  Why did we like the harder words better?  Because abstract concepts are harder to convey and thus go awry easier.  The game just isn’t as much fun when the words stay the same the entire time.

There is one other significant change to the components which my players immediately praised.  The markers included in the set are finer tipped than the older eight player version.  This allows for players to draw things in more detail.  This may not make them better artists, but those who are competent drawers now have a slightly better shot, and for the others (you know, the ones who try to draw a horse and it looks more like a deformed dog) their drawings can just have more details, which will likely just lead you astray.  Thank you USAopoly for this small, but very noticeable component change.

This version is now for sale at your nearest FLGS, if they can get them in stock.  I’ve already been told by my distributor that if I want a few copies to sell, I need to get on the back order list.  Thus you might have some difficulty finding this for a little while because they are selling out.  But keep your eyes open, because if you have a ton of people like us, this is a really nice solution.

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