Telestrations: We laughed till we cried, and then we laughed some more.

I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.  Tears were streaming down my face.  My laughter was laced with snorts.

King crab had just went through a large chain that ended with the exclamation “I’m Jewish!”

You see… the first person had drawn a picture of a crab with a crown on their head.  I think there was some arrows and such pointing towards the head in general, which led to the guess on that round being “Crabby Head”.  The next person in the line drew a head with a crab on top of it, which by the next person was guessed to be lice.  The last image drawn was of an excited person with a speech bubble with what apparently was suppose to be a bug drawn in it, but to me it looked like a poorly drawn star of David, and therefore, “I’m Jewish!”.

An example of how this all goes wrong.

An example of how this all goes wrong. (Image provided by BGG user boardgamefreak2009.)

We all lost it.

Telestrations is a party game that mixes the drawing aspects of pictionary with the “things can go oh so wrong” fun of telephone.  First you get a card and roll a die (d6) to determine what your word is and write it down on a page in a dry erase book. Then you draw a picture on another page representing your word. The next person tries to guess what the drawing is supposed to be and writes that down on another page, then passes is to the next person. The next person then draws another picture on the next page representing whatever was written by the previous player. Lather, rinse, repeat, until the book makes it back around to the original person and everybody gets to see how wrong everything went.

The box set plays up to 8 people, and really I think it’s best with a full crowd, although I’m sure you could play with only four.  When we were playing we had the opposite problem, we could have easily had a 12-14 person game because as people saw how much fun we were having they wanted to join.  It’s a good problem to have!

With the right group, this game can become adult in a hurry.

With the right group, this game can become adult in a hurry. (Image provided by BGG user boardgamefreak2009.)

There are some scoring elements that are involved, which make it a game, and not just a silly activity.  We were too busy having fun most of the time to observe this arbitrary rule.  Loads of laughter was how we won, and win we did.   Should you need a point element in order to feel satisfied, the drawing people liked best received a point, and the one that stayed truest to what it started as received a point.   We never really bothered to keep track though, it’s hard to score when you are laughing that hard.

If you enjoy party games I’d urge you to pick this title up.  If you don’t like party games I’d urge you to give this one a chance anyways, as this one stands out.  It’s that rare game that seems to be fun for pretty much everybody who I’ve seen try it so far.

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