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Televised Gaming

Televised poker seems like an odd phenomenon to me.  Take a game with huge amounts of bluffing, where the game is largely played in the gamer’s head, and put it on national television for everyone to watch.  Not only that, but the game that we picked to televise is one that is at the heart and soul of gambling, a vice that is frowned upon by many.  Furthermore, the players all wear their ‘poker faces’.  Stony looks with little to no emotion, little to no conversation.  Very odd phenomenon indeed.  Yet, we have not seen any attempts at televising other popular games.

The possibilities that the commentators could bring would be phenomenal.  Imagine Snatch televised.  Just like with poker, we could have small graphics on the screen that listed common words that are only one letter off of each of the opponents.  They could also show what letters are remaining in the pool on the table.  For a spectator that could be quite amusing.  “There!  There’s the ‘A’ you need!  Best becomes Beast!  Why don’t you see it!  Call it!”

One of the arguments I hear for Poker on television is that by watching the pros, the skills of the common person becomes better.  Could not the same be applied for a game of Diplomacy?  Now there is a game I would love to see televised.  Heck, it’s not that far off from the ‘Big Brother’, and ‘Survivor’ that are airing today.  All the backstabbing, conniving, plotting.  Only instead of it being a simple as a yes or no vote, the players would have larger amounts of strategy at their disposal.  Every episode could be one round of play.  With a fifteen minute diplomatic phase and eight players, and all the possible combinations of interesting conversations, I think we could fill an hour with footage easily. By watching the strategies of others in the game, the home player could boast a boost in their performance as well.

But maybe this is all just coming from the gamer in me.  Perhaps the world wouldn’t care about watching a Robo Rally tournament.  Perhaps unless there are huge sums of money being thrown around the table, it just isn’t fun.  But even that begs the question, why isn’t there televised Monopoly?

Food for thought.

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