Who’s Yer Con 2011

This past weekend saw the opening and close of another great “Who’s Yer Con”.  We attended, along with many members of our gaming group, and had a blast.

For those who are unaware, “Who’s Yer Con” is a small gaming convention in the Indianapolis area.  I believe this was it’s seventh year (the first three years it was under the name “Maven Con”), although if I am incorrect on any of those numbers, please correct me.  The really neat thing about the con?  It’s absolutely, 100%, free.  The badge is free.  The events are free.  The tournaments are free.  Free, free, free.

Even though it was a little bitty midwest con, we still had booth babes.

My con weekend actually started on Thursday night.  I volunteered, along with my husband and a couple of close friends, to help pack swag bags.   That’s right, it’s a free con and you get swag (if you pre-register).  We packed 500 bags, and I happen to know that we only had enough for the people who preregistered for the con.  I believe they determined that the weekend attendance was just over 600.  The bags were loaded too, not the skimpy bags that have been present at Gen Con the last few years.  Our bags included two full games, a die, a cup, and several fliers and coupons.  Not a bad haul.

Doing some gaming out at Lady Flame's table. (Lady Flame on the left, your author on the right)

Friday morning, after picking up our badges and grabbing our swag, it was time to get to work.  Game Paradise was hosting several games throughout the day:  Agricola, Modern Art, Catch Phrase, Snatch, Ascension, and Caladea.  Everyone seemed to have a really great time.  We also lent a hand over at LadyFlame’s pick up game table.  We played too many games to even name over there.  All and all a great success.

Amongst all the other things I was doing, I actually did manage to attend a couple of events.  I managed to join in on a game of  “Acquire”, which despite being a classic game, I had never played before.  I was firmly squashed, but really enjoyed it.  I also got in on a game of  “Big Board Power Grid”.  A gentleman had made a giant roll out Power Grid board, and had light up houses to mark the cities.  A very unique experience indeed!

Big Board Power Grid

Overall we had a great time at the con, and made a lot of new friends.  We loved seeing you all out there and hope to see more of you in years to come!

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