Word on the Street: Quite Possibly My New Favorite Word Game.

This might quite possibly be my new favorite word game, usurping “Snatch” for that title.  It’s great with two players, but can be played with many many more, it’s very fast paced, and it’s very competitive.

Word on the Street is a word game, but with categories.  On your teams turn, you receive a card with a category on it.  Your team then has approximately thirty seconds to come up with a great word for that category, and by “great” I mean a word that uses a lot of the consonants that are still on the board (there are no vowels on the board).   Once your team has decided upon a word (and decide fast, you only have thirty seconds!) you begin spelling the word out, moving each letter one spot closer to your side of the board for each time the letter is used.  As soon as a letter moves off the board, it is scored by your team.  The first team to score eight letters wins!

A look at the components included in word on the street.

A look at the components included in word on the street.

Those are the rules, short and sweet, which I so appreciate.  But this game isn’t easy, even though the rules are simplistic.  The simplistic nature simply lets the brilliance of the game ring through.  Players now have to have a quick mind for words in a category.

In one of our games the category that our team flipped was “Organs in the human body”.  It was still really early in the game, so nearly all the letters were on the board.  We started rattling off possible organs:  Liver (that would get us the L, V, and R on our side of the board…), Heart (Hmmm… still only three letters: H, R, T), Intestines!  N-T-S-T-N-S.  Double T, Double N, and a Double S!   We happily moved our letters while there was lots of groaning from the other team.

A game in progress

A game in progress

One thing I love about this game is the flexibility in the number of players.  We game with friends at least one night a week.  We have had nights with as few as four people total, and we have had nights with as many as 16 people.  On one evening when we broke this out we started the evening out with only four of us, so two on each team, and the game played good.  Later that night, more people showed up to game with us and we started another game which had eight people, four on each team, and the game still played really good.  Any game with this kind of scale-ability and ease of letting people “jump in” automatically wins some brownie points with me.

A peek at some of the category cards.  The blue side is hard while the green side is easy.

A peek at some of the category cards. The blue side is "hard" while the green side is "easy".

Another fantastic thing about this game is that it encourages people to think outside of the box.  For instance, if the category was “A type of car”, sure, you can go with “Ford”, “Dodge”, “Van”, “Truck” but you could also be much more creative.  What about “Batmobile”?  Its perfectly legal in this game, and if your team is on the lookout for a word with a double B, this could help you immensely.

For me this word game is unique.  I haven’t seen another with quite the same premise.  It’s imaginative, fast paced, and great for a group.  It’s exactly what a stuffy category like “word games” needs.

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