Worm Up: entertaining for audiences over 7.

This little euro game came to us by the way of Ebay a couple of months ago.  I originally had dismissed it as simply another children’s game. Great to have on our shelves for that purpose, but not really worth diving into.  My husband was glancing at the rules, trying to decide what category to classify it in, and became intrigued about the game play.  He talked me into sitting down to play it and what was found was a truly entertaining children’s game that is for more than just children.

The object of this little game is simple, be the first to race your worm across the finish line.  Worms are comprised of small round disks making up the segments of the worms body.  To move take a disk off of the back of the worm and place it on the front of the worm.  Worm segments must be touching, however you may not touch another worm.  This leads to lots of snaking around to block other peoples worms in.

The game can be played on any flat surface with the goal line being any distance away that is desired.  Of course, the further the goal line, the longer the game.  In addition to simply choosing how far away the goal is, we also play with obstacles on our table, which can be anything you might have handy:  Coke cans, books, pencils, etc.   This keeps the game very fresh from play to play.

The mechanic for deciding how far a worm gets to move is a bit random for my taste, and is my only real complaint about the game.  Each player has a set of small numbered tokens.  One token is chosen secretly by each player.  If two or more players choose the same token, neither gets to move that turn, otherwise each player moves his worm the number of segments indicated on the token, starting with the smallest chosen number moving first.

Obviously this is not a real “hard-core” gamer game, but it is entertaining for more than just children.  We will often play one or more games of this when our “non-gamer” friends are around, and even occasionally as a filler game with more serious gamers.  It’s a good time when you need something simple and lighthearted.

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