Zombie Dice: Eat brains, don’t get shotgunned.

We were sitting in a sports bar, immediately after packing up from Who Yer Con, waiting for our food to arrive.  There was a group of six of us, and still being on a con high, we decided some more gaming was just what the doctor ordered!  One of our new con friends pulled from her bag a copy of Zombie Dice.

This is a small, Farkle like, dice game that I had heard some buzz about.  I’m not usually big on this type of game, but in the right circumstance (such as waiting on your waitress), they can be a great filler.  So I settled in and heard the rules.

The rules are incredibly easy.  Each player is a zombie with the goal of eating brains and not getting shot in the process.  You do this by rolling dice, hoping for the “brain” symbol, and not the “shot gun blast”.  The dice that are included in the game dictate your odds of rolling a meal.  Green dice have 3 brains and only one shot gun, yellow dice are even odds with two brains and two shot guns, and red dice are against you with three shot gun blasts and a single delicious brain.

There are twice as many green dice with the game then there are red dice.

Wait a minute, that only adds up to four sides on each die!

The other two sides on each dice are feet.  Your meal has gotten up and run away, leaving you to re-roll those dice on your next roll.

Zombie Dice, is all about pressing your luck, just like in other popular dice games.  The goal is to roll as many brains as possible while avoiding getting three shot gun blasts.  If you get three blasts before you decide to stop, you lose all of the brains you have gained that round. The goal is to be the first zombie to eat 13 brains.

One of the unique elements of the game?  You only roll three dice, at random, for each roll.  The game comes with a dice cup, in which you mix up the dice before reaching in and grabbing three without looking.  This gives the player some interesting choices when deciding to go on and keep rolling or not.  How many red dice are still in the cup?  If it’s mostly green dice left, is it worth the risk?  What if you are forced to re-roll a red because you got feet?  Lots of things to consider before choosing to eat more brains!  Curious about the statistics behind making these tough choices?  Click here for an article that breaks down those decisions using math and logic.

With two red dice left, would you chance it and pick three more dice to roll? Or would you count your blessings and chow down on the brains you had already gathered?

For a little dice game, this one is a good one.  We had a lot of fun with it, and have sense added a copy to our library.  It’s just a fun little game when you need something to fill the time.  The score keeping is also far superior than games like Farkle because you only have to count to 13, not 10,000.  Plus if you have an android phone or Iphone, there is an app called “BrainScore” that can aid you in keeping track.

A look at the BrainScore app for the android OS.

Does this game sound like fun?  You can purchase a copy from Game Paradise by clicking here!

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