What is Game Paradise?

Game Paradise is a board game library and retail shop in the historic Fountain Square district of Indianapolis, Indiana.

What is a board game library? Its a collection of open board games that you, your friends, and family can play. We just ask for a small admission fee, and then you play as much as you want. Our helpful staff won't be too far away to help you choose a game and learn the rules. We currently have 1800+ games in our library, so there is something to suit everyones preferences.

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How does it work?

If you're new to Game Paradise, check in with the librarian on staff at the time. They will start you a tab, and you are all set to start gaming! If you are one of our monthly or annual members, just let the staff know that you have arrived. When you are finished gaming for the day, check back in with the librarian who will stop your tab and check you out.

Library Passes

(per person)

Hourly/Daily - $5/hour up to a daily max charge of $12.50.
Monthly - $35 for unlimited game play for 30 days.
Yearly - $250 for unlimited game play for 365 days.

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